Autism: Seeing Dimly

Have you ever been deceived by your circumstances? Ever looked around and interpreted what was going on in your life by the information you could see dimly? How many times have you been in darkness groping for pieces and clues to put together so you would not feel alone?

An Overlooked Detail

This day, I was distracted by circumstances and hyper-focused on others without giving much thought to myself. This happens as an Autism Mom quite frequently.

Burnout and Soul Restoration

As an Autism mom familiar with burnout, I have identified three ways to recognize it in the hopes it will help us take steps towards soul restoration. God cares for us and desires to bring us out of burnout.

Autism: Isaiah 54 and Rocks

My deepest concern was that I would ruin them. The days were long at home with little ones and this only fed my melancholy. Satan held me in a dark place of insecurity because I was so assured of my sinfulness while also underestimating the power of God to work in me.

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