Autism: A Mother’s Denial

I had never experienced so much fear of what the future would (or would not) hold than I did that windy Missouri afternoon. Even though I knew then he was somewhere on the Autism spectrum, I could not let myself believe it.

Autism: 1 in 59

The Center for Disease Control made an announcement last week that the statistic for those with Autism is 1 in 59. Let’s see how we can look at this information not with a failing glance, but with a successful view.

Autism: Can God Be Trusted?

This path is harder, longer, overgrown, and hidden. It will be travailed at a greater cost, and with a more intense effort. It is the battleground where I will see that while I did not choose this life for myself or my child, the answer to the question looming in my heart is answered: Can I trust God?

Autism: A New Path

I was guilty of looking at my circumstances and thinking they were a punishment, or worse, revealing maybe God had abandoned me – but Autism would just be the beginning of a new, uncharted path where someone else held the map.

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