COVID-19, Autism, and the Church

Sunday felt incredibly different for me, but for some of my dear friends it felt familiar. For many Special Needs families it may have felt like a fairly normal Sunday —home alone, behind a screen, looking in from the “socially distant” outside.

Autism, Elopement, & A Promise

A small gasp came from my 8 year old Autistic son who fights the urge to elope occasionally. Having succumbed to it a handful of times, each in moments of overwhelming feelings, he understood why Jacob was fleeing his brother Esau….FEAR.

Special Needs Surrounding the Church

Take a minute to clothe yourself in this daily frame of mind. Let your heart feel loneliness, isolation, and the quiet beckoning to be meaningfully involved in the church. Christian Special Needs parents are struggling to come to church.

Ten Ways a Senior Pastor Can Support Special Needs Ministry

As a Music Minister’s wife and mother of a child with special needs, I have a passion and calling to see the church fully engage Special Needs families. I hope this list will encourage Pastors who are already doing many of these things, and also open dialogue with Pastors who desire to specifically reach Special Needs families!

Jesse Tree: The Best Tradition for My Autism Family

Creating a meaningful new Christmas tradition does not require more money, more time, and more effort. In this modern day of boredom and apathy despite every technology and form of entertainment at our fingertips, let us set it all aside and come away to meet with Jesus to together anticipate the single most glorious birth in the history of all creation.

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